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R Packages

Personal and Collaborative R Packages

  • svrep: svrep provides methods for creating, updating, and analyzing replicate weights for surveys. Functions from svrep can be used to implement adjustments to replicate designs (e.g. nonresponse weighting class adjustments) and analyze their effect on the replicate weights and on estimates of interest.

  • srvyr: I contribute to the ‘srvyr’ package as an author, fixing bugs and occasionally adding new functionality. A description of the package is below:

    srvyr brings parts of dplyr’s syntax to survey analysis, using the survey package. srvyr focuses on calculating summary statistics from survey data, such as the mean, total or quantile. It allows for the use of many dplyr verbs, such as summarize, group_by, and mutate, the convenience of pipe-able functions

  • fastsurvey: An experimental update to the ‘survey’ package to speed up calculations by using C++ for variance estimation. I’m hoping that this work will eventually be suitable to incorporate into the ‘survey’ package itself.

  • schneidr: A personal R package with utilities for data visualization, data wrangling, and mathematical statistics.

R Packages Developed at Westat

  • nrba: An R package that facilitates nonresponse bias analysis for survey data.

  • idcnrba: An interactive Shiny app for conducting nonresponse bias analysis.